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Do you want to personalize the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad to make it as you would like it? However, do you lack features such as auto corrector, emojis, emoji text, professional fonts and the ability to make your private messages secure?

Keyboard Plus is the solution!

Keyboard Plus is adaptable for all kinds of users.

Try out this keyboard and I ensure you that you will not go back to using other keyboards.

Key features:

- More than 1 million different possible keyboard combinations, your own imagination is the limit
- Save your favourite themes
- More than 40 different typographies so you can choose your favourite
- More than 40 different types of writing
- More than 40 different sounds
- A dictionary to help you write quicker and forget about spelling mistakes
- Auto-Emoji: Emoji dictionary
- Integrated Emoji-Art: so that you can send your friends emoji creations
- Completely functional without activating “Total Access” (It is necessary to temporarily activate total access if you want a theme, language, or if you want keyboard sounds)
- More than 19 languages supported (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian, Dutch…) and we will gradually add new languages with future updates

We hope this will be the keyboard that you use most on a daily basis.

If you have any doubts or suggestion, we encourage you to leave us a comment. We read them all!
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March 27 2019