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Did you know that there are dinosaurs right beneath your feet? Fossils are everywhere and just waiting to be discovered! As an archaeologist, it’s your job to find these amazing dinosaur fossils for the whole world to see. Do you have what it takes to make the next big discovery?

In Little Dino Explorer, throw on some clothes to get dirty and grab your tools—there’s tons of work to do! Using cool technology, scan the ground and see what’s right beneath your feet. Is that a bone? Did you see that skull? Hurry up! Start digging! With each discovery you make, you have the chance to bring these creatures back to life. That’s right! Use the DNA to hatch your own dinosaur baby and help it grow big and strong! Not many kids can say they have their own dinosaur. Now’s your chance! Head to the park and lets get digging!

Product Features:
- Jurassic dinosaur themed archaeology themed game for kids.
- Easy to use controls to detect, dig, hatch, and nurse dinosaurs.
- Cool technology to detect and find fossils in the ground.
- Fun tools to dig up and take care of fossils.
- Hatch your own dinosaur baby from your fossils!
- Dress up and nurse your dinosaur!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game.
- Use tools to detect and dig up cool fossils.
- Make baby dinosuars from your finds.
- Take care of baby dinosaurs.
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