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It's the BIG DAY! The cars final race is here! Who will take the gold medal home as the champion??? In this game, get ready your ride so for the important race day! Fix it up, modify it and decorate it so its looking awesome for the competition! Once you are done, hop into your AMAZING ride and WIN the race in record speed!

Product Features:
- Kids design, fix, decorate and build game.
- Race your own car in the amazing race!
- Easy to use controls for anyone to learn and play.
- Tons of designs and accessories to make your car the most awesome ride on the track!
- Kids can learn the basics of how to maintain a car!
- Fun and educational car racing game.

Show them its not all about the race! It's about how to main a car and keep it brand new and ready for anything!

How to Play:
- Use the touch screen and tap to select the tools and items
- Choose your favorite car or truck, huge range to pick from!
- Drag the decorations onto your very own vehicle!
- Swipe to paint your car to give it a beautiful brand new shine!
- Become the best car racer ever!
- Be brave! Go into the unknown and come out a WINNER
- Learn how to take care of your own car.
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