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Check out this new easy to play, difficult to master strategy RPG!
Wage war with an amazing retinue of mythological and historical characters in beautiful 2d in the thrilling world of LINE Fantasy Heroes!


Dane and Enji were two divine guardians, responsible for watching over and protecting all of the dimensions inhabited by humans.

One day, consumed by ambition and the desire of power, Dane decided that he would become the sole ruler of all of the dimensions.

Enji, concerned about the safety of the dimensions, called out to heroes of legend from across the dimensions to stop Dane's terrible design.

The motley assortment of heroes needs a brave and wise leader to direct them. Will you be the chosen one? Will you be the one hope to save the multiverse from Dane?

- Game Features

1. Lead and train a unique gang of legendary heroes!

Power up your heroes during the game and they will gain access to 4 tiers of jobs! Would you lead Arthur to become a holy paladin or an dark swordsman? The choice is yours!

2. Team up with up to 12 total heroes to fight dragons in exciting real-time battles!

Team up with friends in thrilling real-time to battle gigantic dragons!

3. Your favorite legendary heroes are all here, realized as cute 2d characters!

Robin Hood, Arthur, Sun Wukong and many other heroes from across mythology and history join you in your fight to restore peace! Make your own unique team of fantasy heroes and become the light that guides them to victory against the darkness of Dane!
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