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Photon Keyboard allows your emojis and stickers to talk!!! Its a whole new way to text to friends, love ones and enemies!!

Instead of texting with boring static stickers and emojis, your Emojis and stickers can now do the talking for you. With Photon Keyboard, you get everything you ever wanted for your keyboard - customizable themes for your keyboard, Video to animated GIF for texting, stickers with talking bubbles.

Video to GIF
Video-to-Gif is a built in feature where you can capture moments instantly and share it with your friends and family on your favorite messaging apps. You can also send cool bubble stickers and emojis that is fun and unique

Bubble Stickers
- Make your Emoji talk
- Conversational stickers
- New stickers and Emojis constantly added

Video to GIF is a quick and fun way to share moments!
- It does not require tapping to download the a video file
- It autoplays in messaging apps
- It takes up significantly lesser space in your device, allowing you to capture more and share more

Features and Functionality
- Fully equipped with 800+ Emojis
- A Smart Dictionary that learns your words
- Single (left or right) hand typing for convenience on larger devices
- Easy to use gestures to make typing easier

Customizable keyboards
- Pick from 40 over designs to fit your style
- or design your own with our keyboard customizer
- New designs will be added frequently
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April 25 2016
March 15 2016