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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is smashing its way on to your smartphone!
Experience the fates of the Joestar bloodline in a skillful battle in the palm of your hands! Fight your way through the JoJo story in an intense, medal-clashing “Medal Shooting Battle” game!

Note: This application can be played to the end free of charge, but paid items also exist to offer an even more fun experience.

-Game Introduction
The first ever JoJo smartphone game is here!
Exciting new gameplay! Characters appear as Unit Medals and can be shot to attack and defeat enemy medals in a genre we call “Medal Shooting Battle”. The higher the combo count, the flashier the attacks, and there are dozens of varied and exciting Command Skills available-; 1 for each character!
Make your JoJo character the strongest ever and be the last one standing in the Medal Shooting Battle!

-Smash medals together and watch the sparks of battle fly!
Shoot Unit Medals and strike your enemies! Combine the Abilities of your medals to do big damage with combination attacks! Unit Medals have various traits, like weight and movement distance. Know yourself and know your foes to gain an advantage in the battle!

-A wide variety of characters make an appearance!
The characters present in the game as Unit Medals include not only main characters but also many minor and side characters! Characters from Parts 1, 2, and even 3 are here, reproducing the unique world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

-Cut open the way forward in Quests!
Clearing Quests grants EXP which you can use to strengthen your Unit Medals! As you advance in the game, experience the storyline of Parts 1 and 2 in Quests! Power up your Unit Medals and defeat powerful Quest bosses!!

-Burn up with Limit Breaks!!
If you get a Limit Break Item, you can strengthen Unit Medals beyond their ordinary maximum level! Furthermore, you can acquire various powerful new abilities after Limit Break a medal! Experience the thrill of a white-hot battle with a combination of mighty Limit-Broken units!
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