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So everyone looks at the their phone screens a lot right?! It has got to look good, remind you of something great, reflect your feelings, and even make you feel better. It can also be something that will earn you rewards (Sawab) from Allah SWT in the hereafter. And here’s a perfect way to do just that.

Islamic Themes app is a new idea that gives you an exclusive range of Islamic themes, backgrounds and many other Islamic pictures that you can easily put up as your front screen.

You can choose from the Islamic Themes available on the app and customize them as you like.
◉ Diverse designs including Mosques designs
◉ Themes: perfectly match Lock and Home screen

Create your own designs with Home & Lock Screen Maker:
◉ Pick Icon Skins and App Shelves to create unique Home Screens
◉ Use your own photos/designs as backgrounds and create great designs

Bring some blessing and glow into your everyday life and change your background to an Islamic theme that warms your heart. It's time to Make your screen beautiful!
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June 11 2016