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Having trouble finding time to read longform journalism? That list of bookmarked links you'll never open again doesn't seem to go anywhere and it's just depressing?

We have a great solution!

Briefly is a leading news app, based on the concept of publishing short summaries of news and articles. With this version of Briefly we are bringing best longreads in the most accessible version. Our app is a great choice for those who don’t have time to go through a lot of text, but still want to have the best reading experience and stay updated with the best longreads from around the world.

The basic advantages of Briefly are:

• Convenient, user-orientated navigation. When you install Briefly, you’ll immediately find it’s easy and comfortable to use;

• Hand-curated feed of longreads and longform journalism covering politics, business, culture, media and lots more. Briefly offers a delicate balance of expression, functionality and readability;

• 24/7 updates;

• Instant feedback and support. We appreciate your attention to Briefly and are dedicated to giving you the best reading experience;

• Sophisticated design. Briefly is a beautiful app, designed by a team of young and talented enthusiasts;

• Reliable and trustworthy news sources. Briefly editors choose the sources with great responsibility.

The app has been named one of the most promising media-projects of the year. Download and install Briefly to keep up with the latest news for the US and the whole world!
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