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Join us in Antibes, along the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Southern France, for an exciting and diverse scientific programme that will provide an opportunity to keep you informed about the most recent advances in fundamental and disease-focused developmental neuroscience.

Organised by the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience (ISDN), this meeting will include a balance of topics on human and animal models of neural development and disease:

Pluripotent stem cell approaches in the normal and diseased brain
Stem cells and psychiatric disorders
Evolution of the mammalian cortex
Autophagy in neurodegenerative diseases
Generation of cell diversity in the developing brain
Signaling centers in forebrain development
Hypothalamic cell fate specification and function
From circuits to behaviour
Control of neuronal morphology, from genes to activity
Sensorimotor assembly and integration
The role of microRNAs in neurogenesis
Neurobiology of stress
Sleep evolution in childhood and brain development
Astrocyte development and function

As in previous years, ISDN will provide a number of travel and poster awards for trainees.

Using Elsevier's new ISDN2016 app, you can browse the scientific programme by days, topic or speaker, create your own personal programme, locate rooms and exhibitor stands on the floor plans, and more. Before first use, you will need to download the latest conference data and then afterwards, you can use the app offline.
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