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Discover new songs and albums in a completely new way.

Browse a world map and check what songs are on top on the charts in each country.
"Top New Songs by myTuner" gives you access to thousands of songs from the tops on worldwide scale in a very innovative way.

It allows you to search:
- Country by country from a set of 100 different countries;
- Top 100 most played songs each day in each country;
- Top 100 successes in the previous year in each country;
- Local artists that are hitting the charts in each market;
- New songs that are rising to the top positions;
- Most played songs on the radio in each country;
- What music your friends are discovering through the app;

You can stream the video clip of the song on YouTube (if available), as well as get more details on the artist/album or be redirected to the store to buy the songs you enjoyed the most.

You can also filter by type of music (Alternative, Blues, Children's Music, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, Fitness, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Rock and Soundtrack) and focus on songs or albums.
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November 25 2017