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The BoredMan app is your daily dose of unforgettable hot pics and videos of sizzling girls, funny and WTF stories and breaking news that will make your day. The latest trending updates curated in just one app for your enjoyment. We squeeze it from all over the internet just for your FUN!

If you are bored at work or just it’s a dull day, The BoredMan is your best friend that is always in your pocket to get funny and enjoy your time. The BoredMan is the superior compilation of advice and tips every man needs along with weird and bizarre stories that will make your day!

WARNING: The BoredMan Is Highly Addictive!

You will find the juicy mix of amazing ladies, sports topics, trending weird stuff booming the internet and breaking news you must see.

It’s the only man’s app you need for endless entertainment and to staying tuned on the funniest content on the web! The BoredMan amuses you with the updates traditional media won’t show you and exposes the facts nobody knows.

- Man’s only app for entertainment;
- Thrilling galleries full of stunning photos, videos, and GIFs;
- 24/7 updates on the latest trending news from around the world;
- Comment and share jokes with your friends;
- User-friendly design and easy-to-use navigation through the app.
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