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Wave is a photo sharing app where the more people who like, or Wave, your photo, the more people it gets sent to.
It's a great place for you to share your photos! Try posting that one great shot, something you want to show off, a chance picture, or even just something sitting on your camera roll.
Watch and track your photos as they spread out like waves to hundreds and thousands of users and beyond.

Wave's main features 
1. Ride the Wave
・ With Wave, anyone has a chance to put up that next hit photo.
・ Every post will be seen by at least 30 users. The more Waves your photo gets, the more users see it and get a chance to Wave it themselves! More Waves means more views!
・ Views and user reaction data are taken and displayed in real time so you can watch your posts make waves.

2. Simple to use
・ You don't need to create a profile or follow anyone with Wave. Just install the app and you're ready to make a splash!
・ Wave lets you enjoy content without the social hassle. If you want a simple way to just enjoy trending images, this is the app for you!

3. Wave as much as you like
・ Browse the FOR YOU section to find recommended photos for you or TREND to see what other users have been Waving at. Who knows what amazing photos wait for you on Wave?
・ Find a photo you like? Give it as many Waves as you want and watch it grow!
・ You can push the Wave button as many times as you like. Go ahead and give that special photo you found as many Waves as it deserves!

Wave system requirements
iOS 9.0 or above  - iPhone5 or above

There may be situations unrelated to system requirements where normal operation is not possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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