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Tah- Daaah! It’s time for PJ party!
Today is Carrie’s birthday! She prepared a super fun pajama party for her birthday celebration. All of her friends have been invited to this party to have fun together! A perfect party must have many nice foods in it! Carrie decided to entertain those lovely guests with her favorite dishes!
Party time is almost up! Carrie is still hard working in the kitchen. It seems not easy to prepare foods for so many guests! Carrie needs a little helper!
Can you help lovely Carrie to prepare various yummy foods like fruit pie, popcorn and milkshake? I know you could do it!
Oh! The guests are coming! We don’t have much time! Let’s get start now!

Product Features:
-A super fun food-making game
-Make yummy foods and serve the party guests
-Three kinds of foods to make: fruit pie, popcorn and milkshake
-Tons of realistic cooking tools to play: flour sieve, spatula, food mixer, rolling pin, pie mold, pie topping cutter, oven, freezer, juice shaker and so much more
-Tons of food materials and decorations to try: sprinkles, straws, candies, fruits, cream topping, flour, seasoning, butter and so much more

How to play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game
- Start by choosing your favorite food to make or making the food which the guests ordered
- Take different courses for fruit pie, popcorn, milkshake and serving guests
- Try different tools to make your foods
- Mix various ingredients to create the unique flavor and color of your foods
- Decorate your foods with beautiful sprinkles, candies, fruits, cream toppings and straws
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May 06 2017
January 06 2017