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Building a new paradigm for changing the world Global Woman magazine, created in May 2015 by editor-in-chief Mirela Sula, is a quarterly produced quality and content-rich publication, for and about women residing in the UK and all around the globe. The magazine features appealing stories of interest to inspire and empower an often overlooked growing demographic, with high aspirations, expectations, and achievements. The magazine highlights successful, professional and entrepreneurial women of all cultures and origins, not only living in the UK – but all over the globe, shining a bright and positive light on their lives and business success, but also showing how others have overcome adversity and challenges in their lives to leading a brighter and more fulfilled life. Men feature in Global Woman magazine too, often telling us a message that either men have messed up the world, or are narrowly limited in their outlook and ambition, that women are better in business, and/or that a more optimistic future for the world is in the hands of women! Global Woman magazine is built on the idea of celebrating diversity, culture and the beauty of being a woman of the Universe. Women are the promoters of innovation, the mediators of change, the transmitters of values and the beholders of love and positivity. Global Woman magazine, along with Global Woman Club, is growing as a valued and high status brand, building a globally diverse professional community that interacts, engages, participates and collaborates, through the magazine, social media, and holding events, for networking and connecting, being empowered through new business knowledge or consciousness awareness, and award ceremonies to recognise inspiring stories and outstanding achievement. Our audience is an eclectic mix in so many ways (that includes men!) which is something we proudly celebrate. While a key focus is on entrepreneurialism, we have many creatives and successful professionals as part of the demographic, broad in age range from 20’s to 70’s and features articles on the arts, consciousness and spirituality, as well as business.
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October 26 2017