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Your house is always full of guests? Now, with one click you can securely share your WiFi login with your guests!

An application idea was born when we got tired of giving out our Home WiFi password to every new guest.  The network name and password have been written on the modem cover, and after the first 20 lookups it simply became a pain in the butt.

With our app all you need to do is connect to your Home WiFi and store your WiFi password once.  When the guests arrive, with a single click you will send them a message with your WiFi credentials.  All major messengers, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and many others are supported.  Your guest will only have to select the desired network and copy / paste your password.

=== FEATURES ===
- Track your WiFi status
- Storing Passwords
- Tell A Friend Newsletter
- Editing Passwords
- Switching to the WiFi settings
- Track Air mode
- Monitoring network status
- Easy access from the Widget

=== BENEFITS ===
- WiFi control
- Battery Life
- The speed and accuracy
- Privacy
- Supports multiple networks
- Detailed description

- Easy to use and one more thing!  Modern household items are all WiFi compatible so keeping a password to your Home WiFi in a secure and easily accessible location is very convenient.

WiFi Share app will provide a simple connection to your WiFi for you and your guests. We love seeing good reviews in the App Store and always try to further improve our users app experience. If you would like to contact us to report a problem, email us at -

With Love, WiFi Map Team
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June 21 2017