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The intention of the 18th Symposium is to bring together some of the major leaders in the field, to provide an intimate and relaxed environment, and to stimulate fresh thinking and creative ideas in those scientific fields impacting so importantly on life and medical sciences. Unlike many meetings there is only a single session running at any time. This allows for clarity of focus by the participants. Leading international experts will lead a topical programme supplemented by selected contributed oral presentations and a comprehensive poster session for which abstract are invited by 7 April 2017.

Topics include:
•New reagents, catalysts, strategies and concepts for organic synthesis
•Synthesis and functional properties of molecules
•Total synthesis of natural products
•Stereoselective synthesis
•Mechanistic organic chemistry
•Biosynthetic pathways
•Bioorganic chemistry and medicinal chemistry
•Organic materials
•Molecular recognition
•Sustainable organic chemistry

Using Elsevier's new TETRA2017 app, you can browse the scientific programme by days, topic or speaker, create your own personal programme, locate rooms and exhibitor stands on the floor plans, and more. Before first use, you will need to download the latest conference data and then afterwards, you can use the app offline.
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