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Now, it is the time to get rid of messages or emails back and forth informing and confirming changes of working shifts. With Tiny Schedule, tap to inform shifts, tap to check shifts, tap to swap shifts, etc. Things, we used to spend plenty of time on, are now much easier with only couple of taps on your phone.

A revolutionary way of work starts from Tiny Schedule -- an ideal assistant of scheduling and managing shifts.

[Key features]
- Intuitive graphic chart to check today's schedule;
- Set availabilities to make own shift preferences;
- Accept/approve various of requests in one place with a single tap;
- Request for swapping a shift or dropping a shift to teammates, changes applied automatically after approval and acceptance;
- Request for time off to block hours and days;
- Create shifts with templates or history records;
- Create and take Open Shifts to arrange shifts more flexibly;
- Find employee replacement of problem shifts.

For dealing with the scheduling and shifts, Tiny Schedule will be your one-stop choice. We hope you enjoy Tiny Schedule as your daily working tool. We couldn't be more appreciative of your feedback as well as questions about how you feel, the experience you are using it and what are the details can be improved. Looking forward to your emails into, we will reply to every single email as soon as we can.
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April 02 2018
January 31 2018