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The Sleep app is designed to help you meet your sleep goals, including getting enough sleep, getting to bed on time, and even creating a pre-bedtime routine. You can easily track your sleep and wake up in the morning with alarm sounds or haptics. The Sleep experience includes bedtime reminders, wake-up alarms, sleep tracking, Sleep Mode, Wind Down, and a view of your sleep trends over time.


• Set a sleep schedule to help you meet your sleep goals and get to bed on time.

• Track how much you sleep at night when you wear Apple Watch to bed. Apple Watch uses data from the accelerometer to determine when you’re awake and when you’re asleep.

• Turn on Sleep Mode to enable Do Not Disturb and lock the screen with Sleep Lock. Tapping the screen dimly displays time, date, and morning alarm.

• Use Wind Down to help you relax before heading to bed by choosing actions like launching a meditation app or starting a Home app scene. Sleep Mode is also enabled during Wind Down to help you meet your sleep goals.

• Wake up to gentle sounds or a haptic wake-up alarm so you don’t disturb anyone else around you.

• Receive a wake-up screen each morning with today’s weather forecast and current battery life so you can remember to charge.

• Review sleep statistics including sleep times, sleep goals, and sleeping heart rate.
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September 16 2020