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Picture yourself listening to music on your iPhone. Now imagine you want to adjust the volume. What are you going to do, take it out of your pocket? That doesn't look like an ideal solution... Does a little tap on your pocket sound better? You got it, Tap Volume is made for you!

Tap Volume lets you control the volume of your iPhone/iPod using taps. With the default settings, you can decrease the volume by tapping the front or the back of your iPhone and you can increase it by tapping the left or right side of your iPhone. Of course, you can modify this behavior to match your tastes. You can also select how sensitive to taps your iPhone should be, and by how much you want to adjust the volume with each tap.

- Tap Volume has to be the active application on your iPhone in order for taps to be detected (if you see Tap Volume's main screen then you're good).
- Do not lock your device (with the button on top of your iPhone) or taps won't be detected. Putting your iPhone in a pocket or turning it upside-down on a table will automatically reduce screen brightness to save power.

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