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Enhance your characters with special items in the Wizard’s Bazaar. iQuest: 10 Crystals gives you ten crystals to purchase magical artifacts that will permanently increase your strength, reflex, mind, stamina, energy and more. iQuest: 10 Crystlas will allow you to continue with the same character from iQuest Beginnings or the original iQuest.

The Kingdom of Noth is under attack by fiercesome monsters. The King died fighting these gruesome creatures that are swarming the countryside. The law of the land is that the throne can only be claimed by the greatest hero. Now everyone is picking up a blade, a bow, or using magical forces to fight back the darkness and claim the throne as their own. Complete quests to earn gold, items and experience. Purchase lands to earn income in the Kingdom of Noth. Fight in the arena to prove you’re the greatest hero of the land. Claim the throne of Noth, and see if you can hold onto it.

-Create and customize your own hero from the unique races and classes of Noth
-Complete quests to gain treasure and experience
-Battles other players to climb the global leaderboard and join the Royalty of Noth
-Spend your gold on magic items and property to further your fame and fortune
-Equip yourself with powerful weapons and armor and become the champion of the arena

The first boot of man upon the shores of Noth raised it from a jumbled wilderness to the land of heroes. Don't let these natives tell you otherwise. It was I that brought them out of the darkness. ~ Barthalom Noth, First King of Noth, Human Knight
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