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The Picture Books App --
Simple. Educational. Fun.

The Picture Books application transforms the concept of traditional picture books into an enjoyable, interactive experience for your child. Picture Books is a great tool to help your preschooler learn basic words - including domestic/farm animals, zoo animals, body parts, shapes, colors and numbers - in both English and Spanish. The simple to use, one-touch interface allows young children to easily flip through the cards, and the variety of settings allows you to decide the functionality. Each picture includes the written and spoken word in English, Spanish or both.

Created by a mom and dad, this is the perfect app for children ages 2-5, where Best Practice for Preschool children supports the use of stimulatory devices for increased interest in learning. Use this on road trips, in airplanes, at church, at preschool, at the doctors or dentists office, in line, or any place where your child has to wait and you need to have time to think/talk.

Features Include:

- Six different picture books - domestic/farm animals, zoo animals, body parts, shapes, colors and numbers
- Promotes picture recognition and reading skills
- Words are spoken and displayed on the screen

Intuitive book-specific settings screen allows you to easily customize the reading experience:
- Interactive setting has a shaking "?" to prompt child to reveal the name of the object
- Turn off the interactive setting to create a simple "picture book" for you and your child to read together
- Turn off the sounds for use in quieter environments
- You choose the language; English only, Spanish only, or English and Spanish
- Remember separate settings for each book depending upon your child's reading level (e.g. set the "colors" book to Spanish only once your child knows their colors in English)

** REQUIRES OS 3.0 **

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