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The Hay House Sampler card app is an easy way to experience a wide variety of apps from your favorite Hay House authors -- for free! The app is comprised of sample uplifting cards created by inspirational authors and artists.

Feel free to browse through the sample cards and find images and/or messages that resonate with you. Learn more about products from renowned, best-selling authors. A wide variety of subjects are touched upon that range from The Law of Attraction, positive affirmations, health & fitness, financial advice, to ways on even improving your golf game.

Use the convenient App Store button below each card to learn more or purchase a particular app. Periodically, new cards will be added to this sampler. Check back often to try the latest card apps for yourself.

With the Hay House Sampler card app you can:
- Experience numerous inspirational cards from a variety of authors
- Swipe between cards or shuffle them
- Flip cards over to read corresponding messages
- E-mail inspiring cards to friends
- Link directly to the App Store product page of any app in the sampler

Hay House, Inc. is the international leader in self-help and transformational publishing.
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