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YorkLIVE gives you live roadworks information, car parks, CCTV, rail arrival and departure boards, postcode search and more. Endorsed by the City of York Council ( this superb map based app will help both road and public transport users get the most out of their day. Go on, give it a go!

- Traffic CCTV, VMS (Matrix Signs) and roadwork’s information – view local CCTV images to see delays, incidents and areas of heavy traffic. Make changes to your planned journey before starting out so as to avoid unnecessary delays.

- Live train arrival and departure information for all the stations in York. Live information on known disruptions, so you can make alternative plans, putting you back in control of your journey.

- Live car park information – access car park locations, cost and hours of operation and most importantly how many spaces are available right now!

- Roadwork feed gives you the answers to those questions you've always wanted to know but didn't realise it! How long will the roadworks take? Which roads are affected? What is being done and by whom? No longer will you see roadworks in York and not be the one in the know!

- Twitter – get the latest travel information from York Travel Twitter feeds.

- It's FREE!

Also available are our FREE Bus York & York Park & Ride apps, so why don't you download these too. The next time you want someone else to drive you into the city you'll be all set!

Live traffic, roadworks, train arrival & departure and car park information - YorkLIVE will help keep you on the move.

Tell us what you think of YorkLIVE. Your feedback and ratings help us develop an app you'll want to tell your friends about.
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