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All questions use an unique image that fades down to reveal a highlighted part - the user then has to name this highlighted part from 4 possible answers. If answered incorrectly - the correct answer will be shown before moving on to the next question.

This application covers the Cardiovascular, Nervous, Urogenital and Digestive Systems and is an extremely useful tool for anyone interested in or studying anatomy. Identify over 230 body parts with two levels of question difficulty. The user can select to answer questions on Level 1, Level 2 or on both Levels. Twenty questions are chosen at random from a pool of 230 questions. Each question is multi-choice with options chosen in turn from a pool of possible answers. This means that the user will never be offered the same quiz twice, ensuring all learning is cognitive rather than by rote.

•230 high-quality 3-Dimensional anatomical images.
•Different levels of difficulty.
•All questions have an image which fades down using a sequence to reveal a highlighted part.
•Compete against the clock with the Graphic Timer option.
•Use the Speed Timer to earn more points.
•Illustrative sounds for correct and incorrect answers.
•Randomized questions and answer options.

At the start of the quiz the user can decide:
(1) the level(s) of difficulty they want,
(2) to turn on/off the speed timer and
(3) to turn on/off the sound.

For each question the onscreen anatomical image fades down to reveal a body part with 4 possible answers beneath it. Choose the right answer within the time limit and win points based on the speed of the response. Answer incorrectly and the button will go red and then the correct answer is highlighted and the app moves on to the next question.

At the end of the quiz the user is shown their score with 'Time Bonus' and their highest score to date.

The questions in this paid app can also be purchased within the the free 'Body Systems - Free Anatomy Quiz' app.

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