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Who is the Stig has been in the "What's hot" list of apps.

Other official Top Gear apps include The Cool Wall which is now discounted, also on the iPad and recently made even less rubbish. There's also the Top Gear Stunt School app and Where’s Stig both on the iPhone and iPad.


Who is The Stig? It’s one of the great mysteries of our time.

With the 'Who is The Stig?' app, you get to decide. Take a picture of yourself on your iPhone or sideload to your photo library on iPod touch, upload it in the app and then watch a video clip of the Stig revealed with your photo. You can ‘Stig’ yourself or other people, and share your photos on Facebook.

There are 54 ‘Some say...’ quotes to keep you entertained and as many Stig reveals as you have friends...

And remember: only seven people have looked the Stig straight in the eyes. They are all dead now.

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This app is produced by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. BBC Worldwide is self-funded and returns profits to the BBC to be reinvested in programmes and services to help keep the UK licence fee as low as possible. For those who wonder why our apps aren’t free, BBC Worldwide has the responsibility of channelling funds back to the BBC, so the BBC can continue to create amazing content.

We always read our user reviews so any feedback on the app is welcome...
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