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Do you need a simple, great way to organize all your recurring lists? We definitely do. This app is great for packing for vacation or business trips. It is also great for checking off anything that you do regularly so you have piece of mind that you have done everything you needed to.

Checklister includes several pre-populated lists including:

Packing Checklists for the beach, camping, diaper bag, rental vacation house, toiletry kit and international travel
Baby & Wedding Registry Checklists
First Aid Kit Checklist
Garage Sale Checklist
You can add new lists, edit our existing lists, un-check everything on the list once you're done so it is ready for the next time you need it, or delete a list if you are finished with it. You can also email your list to family, friends, or colleagues. Once you email your list to them, they can import the list directly into their Checklister app and start checking things off on their own iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

We hope you find this app as useful as we do, happy checking.

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