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This application contains a professional recording of Hostile Takeover -- wrapped in a beautiful and elegant player to create an immersive and enjoyable audiobook experience.


Shandrakor, the mysterious and legendary planet, has been hidden for centuries in the lifeless Darkvoid. That is, until Owen Deathstalker and his motley band of rebels are drawn to it with a desperate hope that they'll find aid there. Incredibly, their hopes are pinned on finding the original Deathstalker, who vanished into the Darkvoid ten centuries before. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, the Masked Gladiator is ambushed by an enemy unlike any he's encountered before. He is confronted with the secret life of his lover and struggles valiantly to survive as his world, very much like the Deathstalker's, spins hopelessly out of control.


Player Features:
- Background playback and Retina Display enabled (Specific devices required)
- Automatic bookmarking to keep track of your place for you
- Gorgeous user interface to create an immersive reading experience
- Notes - Allows you to write down thoughts as you listen and email them to yourself or friends.
- Preloaded with content to allow for offline use
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