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This application contains a professional recording of The Darkvoid Device -- wrapped in a beautiful and elegant player to create an immersive and enjoyable audiobook experience.


Deep in the lightless Darkvoid hides the legendary Wolfling World, also known as lost Haden. There is no sign of life on its surface, all its mysteries lie underground. Brought here in the ship of his ancestor, Owen Deathstalker and his tiny but ferocious rebel force seek the ultimate weapon, The Darkvoid Device, their only hope to combat the awful might of the Empire. But to get to it they must pass through the Madness Maze, a mind-searing feat of ancient alien technology, which will forever transform the lives of those who survive it, and finally reveal the traitor in their midst.


Player Features:
- Background playback and Retina Display enabled (Specific devices required)
- Automatic bookmarking to keep track of your place for you
- Gorgeous user interface to create an immersive reading experience
- Notes - Allows you to write down thoughts as you listen and email them to yourself or friends.
- Preloaded with content to allow for offline use
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