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Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP) mobile helps organizations increase employee productivity, improve brand equity, lower costs, and improve engagement across screens and devices, anywhere, anytime. By providing remote task approvals,mobile content on demand, and on-site data capture in ADEP mobile, enterprises can now offer employees the ability to interact with content, applications, and customers where they choose, to improve and extend meaningful experiences with customers beyond the desktop. Features include viewing task lists, approving/rejecting those tasks, and capturing and submitting data. Viewing / sharing content from WebDAV-enabled content repositories and an interface that takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen are features available in the iOS release. New in ADEP mobile is the ability to view/approve tasks as well as enter data while offline and then synchronize that content to a server when back online.

Enterprises can also use Guides (a feature of Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Document Services - Workbench) to design intuitive and easy-to-use mobile data capture workflows that can be delivered to users via ADEP-Mobile.

PLEASE NOTE: ADEP mobile does NOT provide functionality to use Adobe Flash, AIR, or PDF-related capabilities on your mobile device. Please note that ADEP mobile is intended for users within an organization running Adobe LiveCycle ES2+ or Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform for business process management, data capture, workflows, and content retrieval.
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