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Jamaica Plain Open Studio is...

....200 + Artists in more than 90 different locations. opportunity to meet creative artists face to face.
....a chance to discover new talent and visit with old friends.
....a great way to explore Jamaica Plain's neighborhoods!
We are thrilled to come together as a group to open our studios and sites to neighbors and friends. The Jamaica Plain community of artists is diverse and plentiful, representing a wide variety of mediums and disciplines.
These tour are for those who are curious about what creative resources exist within Jamaica Plain, those who like to view artwork close to the source of its creation, and for those who like the opportunity to purchase original artwork from the person who actually created it.
Here is the chance to visit us where it all begins! Each artist will be on hand to answer questions about the artwork and how it is created.

We are located in several concentrated areas throughout the Open Studios route. Some of the individual artists and galleries have spaces located in collective buildings, others have spaces located in their homes.

Our Tours include:

* Hyde Square Area aka the Latin Quarter
* Green Street area
* The Brewery Complex (Amory & Germania Street Area)
* Centre Street
* Monument Tour
* “re-cycle” Tour
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September 08 2011