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Easy now fuzzy little man peach, it's the official Mighty Boosh Old Gregg Torch App…

Crack open a fresh Baileys as you'll never get lost in the dark again with your very own Mangina! Simply lift Old Gregg's skirt and shine the light from his downstairs mix up…

You can change the colour of your mangina beam and the App will even play one of Old Gregg's sayings when the beam is on full…

Additional App features:
MINI SOUNDBOARD - Featuring 8 classic Old Gregg Soundbites
TIME DELAY FEATURE - set a delay time, select a sound clip, hide your phone and watch as your mates get a surprise.
VIDEO - The hilarious mangina scene from the original TV episode.
SPECIAL FEATURE FOR iPHONE 4 USERS: Let Old Gregg light up your rear phone light.

This App is about as close to Old Gregg as you can get without your eyes getting wet!

Come on, don’t make me beg now, stop playing your love games and buy it now!

© Baby Cow Production 2010

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