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Welcome to Wasteland! Visit directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad the world where long-forgotten Disney icons of animation can find new life inspired by the Disney Epic Mickey videogame.

Select one of the six Disney Epic Mickey – Tales of Wasteland Digicomics and discover Disney Epic Mickey’s world in a prequel to the videogame storyline. Download the Disney Epic Mickey Graphic Novel and get the comic retelling of the videogame. Read on autoplay or tap into the panels to move throughout the page. Within the Disney Epic Mickey app, readers will also have the chance to take a look at the map of Wasteland, the trailer of the videogame and the character files.


~ Includes the 6 Disney Epic Mickey – Tales of Wasteland digicomics: 1 digicomics for free and 5 digicomics bundle for just 1.79£

~ Contains the Disney Epic Mickey Graphic Novel: get 60+ pages of comic retelling of the videogame for just 2.39£

~ Read your digicomics, bookmark them and share them with your friends

~ Discover the characters section and read about Disney Epic Mickey’s main icons

~ Offers also the map of Wasteland, the videogame trailer and more video contents
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