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Send Magical Disney Messages To Friends & Family with the Disney eCards App.

Make someone’s day by sending a romantic message, a thank you note, a birthday wish, or a cheeky card just for fun! Connect to Facebook or your email contacts list to send a Disney eCard today!

There's a Disney eCard for all occasions. The categories and characters are updated over the air at no extra cost. You will always have the latest and most exciting messages at your fingertips. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Faries, and more.*

E-mail, Facebook Posting, and Birthday Reminders.

Everyone has a Disney favourite, Disney eCards sends via email or posts to Facebook, it even remembers your friend’s birthday – now there’s no reason to forget. Spread The Magic Of Disney.

*The availability and selection of brands and characters offered varies by occasion, time of year and your home country.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have chosen stricter privacy settings on your Facebook account this may disable the ‘Birthday Reminders’ and ‘Posting to your Friends’ Wall’ features. For these features to work effectively please ensure that your Facebook privacy settings are set to authorise other applications to see your friends’ information. You can check your settings on Facebook by clicking ‘Account’, ‘Privacy Settings’ then ‘Applications and Websites’. Disney eCards is powered by the Jeego Facebook application visible in your settings.

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