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Do you need evidence-based answers to clinical questions at the point of care? Have you been unable to get answers because you did not have online computer access or a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connection? The First Consult iPhone/iPad app is your solution. The app allows First Consult’s trusted answers to be stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. A data connection is required for the initial content download and content updates, but is not required to use the app itself – making First Consult’s answers available anytime, anywhere.
First Consult is featured point-of-care content found within ClinicalKey. In addition to providing access to First Consult’s point-of-care content, ClinicalKey provides online access to leading books, journals, and review articles. For more information on ClinicalKey visit the Elsevier, Inc. web site linked below.

How to access the First Consult App:

Do you currently access ClinicalKey via your institution or an individual subscription?
•Use your personal ClinicalKey account to access First Consult content via the app.
Upon downloading the app, select the option ‘I use First Consult and know my user name’ and enter your ClinicalKey user name and password to start using the First Consult app.
•If you access ClinicalKey via your institution but do not have a personal ClinicalKey account, create a personal account in order to begin using the app.
Upon downloading the app, select the option ‘I use First Consult but do not have a user name’ and following the on-screen instructions to set up a personal account.

Are you new to ClinicalKey?
•Try the First Consult app risk-free for 60 days.
Upon downloading the app, select the option ‘I do not currently use First Consult’ and register for a free trial. At the end of the 60 day trial, you can convert to a paid subscription to ClinicalKey to continue accessing First Consult content and gain access to the books, journals, and review articles provided by ClinicalKey on your Apple device and computer.
To subscribe now visit by clicking the Elsevier link below.

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