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Follow the guide Cross stitch-By the sea to learn how to stitch sailing boats, lighthouses and sea gulls…

The series Point de croix et cie (literally Cross stitch & co) offers an unbelievably big choice of patterns, friezes and samplers, for all occasions.

This application is dedicated both to beginners, who will learn the basics thanks to the technical guide, and confirmed stitchers, who will undoubtedly find their inspiration in the numerous charts.

With a simple touch, travel from one chart to the next, picking here and there the patterns that suit you most, and associating them as you wish. Hundreds of possibilities, from the most classical patterns to highly modern designs ! Buy the necessary skeins with the help of the references given, and start to play !

From the southern seas to the cold ice fields, from the coasts of Britanny to the beaches of our holidays, discover the great variety of seascapes ! Each grid offers nice pictures to reproduce or little colorful designs to combine, to help you stitch very easily the most beautiful animals, characters or places you will find by the sea.
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