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Need to know which apps you should be buying? Think you might be missing a classic game from your collection? Then this is the directory for you.

From the makers of the world’s number one mobile and handheld gaming site,, comes the Pocket Gamer Directory – a series of guidebooks featuring the best reviews of the finest games and apps, which are intended to help newcomers and old hands explore the ever-changing world of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

With over 300,000 downloadable apps already available on the App Store, and hundreds of new apps and games landing every month, the choice can be bewildering for newcomers – and even seasoned users can easily get lost should they turn their back on the store for only a few days.

But finding an app that suits your needs and lifestyle needn’t be a daunting task and this is where the Pocket Gamer Directory comes in. Every issue is dedicated to bringing you the most useful apps and most fun games, providing an invaluable guide that ensures you spend your money on only the greatest content the App Store has to offer.

*The initial app purchase includes one issue of your choice. Further single issues or money-saving subscriptions can be purchased within the app.
*Users can register for/ login to a PocketMags account in-app. This allows them to protect their purchases in the case of a lost device and to read their purchases on multiple platforms - including online at
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