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With ABBYY StreetGrabber you can easily find in Maps any address printed in a guide book, magazine, or on a business card.

With StreetGrabber you will no longer need to enter addresses by hand. All you need to do is take a photo of a printed address and select an action— display it on a map, save it, or forward it by e-mail or SMS.

StreetGrabber uses ABBYY’s Mobile OCR Technology to capture addresses from any printed text.Captured addresses can immediately be edited, saved to an address book or mobile memory, copied to the clipboard.

Useful information will never be lost with the “save history” function. To restore your data just open a history folder or open and recognize a picture of a previously captured text.

The application works on iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G devices. To run the application on an iPhone 3G, you need iOS 3.1 and a Griffin Clarifi case.

Main features:
- Immediately search the captured address in Maps
- Edit, save and copy addresses to the clipboard
- Create a new contact or add the address to an existing one
- Forward captured addresses by e-mail or SMS
- Store photos of addresses on your iPhone
- Capture and use addresses from photos stored on your iPhone
- All captured addresses are backed up in a history folder and available for reopening and editing

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