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Read more's day trips and weekend getaways app is a powerful tool for planning a trip to explore natural wonders, regional history, and small town charm within a short drive from a major city. The powerful built-in navigation features guide you to your destination, so you will never be lost or bored when making a day trip excursion out of the concrete jungle.

The day trip destinations included in this app are:

* St Francis National Forest
* Tupelo
* Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park
* Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge
* Pickwick Landing State Resort Park
* Lower Hatchie Wildlife Refuge
* Fort Pillow State Historic Park
* Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge
* Millington
* Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge
* Natchez Trace State Park
* Collierville Park System
* Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge
* Holly Springs
* White River National Wildlife Refuge
* Cache River National Wildlife Refuge
* Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge
* Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge
* Tunica Park
* Shiloh National Military Park
* Paris
* Jonesboro
* North America's Only Freshwater Pearl Farm
* Blanchard Caverns
* Parkin Archeological State Park
* Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park
* Eaker Site

Hardware requirement: this app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Due to hardware limitations, some functions of the app are not supported on the iPod Touch and iPad wifi-only models.
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