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NRadar South Africa Pro is the unique safety camera warning app with real text-to-speech and multitasking function in South Africa!

You have access to more than 2000 safety cameras across South Africa!


- To have GPS signal, check if there is an “arrow” symbol on the top left of your iPhone screen.

- For you to be able to visualize or add new radars, you need to have both GPS signal and be on the move.


AppGeneration brings you the new and unique NRadar safety camera warning app. In contrast to the majority of the safety camera solutions available, NRadar uses its state of the art technology to give you the most complete and up-to-date radar app on the iPhone marketplace. This smarter approach to radar warnings includes text-to-speech and multitasking functions allowing you to run your favorite third-party apps in the background.

NRadar South Africa Pro includes:

• A real person’s voice that tells you to reduce your speed so you don’t need to look at the screen;

• Multitasking functions that allow you to use other apps while you use NRadar. It includes: switching between apps quickly, picking up right where you left off, listening to music or playing games in the background, getting VoIP calls and receiving push notifications;

• Add your own safety cameras to the database in an easy and intuitive way and share it with the community;

• See multiple warnings at the same time;

• Choose between seeing your route on Maps or just being warned about safety cameras as you approach them;

• Select your settings for fixed/mobile radars and traffic lights;

• Set up warnings based on sound, vibration, and flashing;

• Set up your preferred distances for warnings;

• Know where the radars come from when checking your screen.
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