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One-Pot Recipes has been featured by Apple as NEW AND NOTEWORTHY and as a STAFF FAVOURITE.

It is part of a family of Good Food apps. Other iPhone recipe apps include Seasonal Recipes, Good Food for Friends, Healthy, Cake, Quick and Festive Recipes. We've also got Healthy and Quick Recipes on the iPad as well as the BBC Good Food magazine iPad app.*


In food-land, we don’t think there are many recipes more simple or comforting than a one pot meal. BBC Good Food's one-pot app has 170 recipes to try – from 19 vegetarian recipes to low-fat recipes, and quick-cook to slow-cook. There are even 11 recipes that contain just five ingredients – how easy can we make it!

Here’s an idea of the recipes to tempt you, we’ve included: One pot chicken pilaf, Goulash in a dash, Sausage & bean onepot, Vietnamese veggie hotpot and a One pan Spanish fish stew.

New for this app is 'Inspire me', an interactive way to choose a recipe - just tap an ingredient to drop into a pot, to see matching recipes. Also new are a selection of practical ‘how-to’ videos, including preparing chillies, jointing a raw chicken, making stock and making soup.

As with our other apps, you can add ingredients to your shopping list, then see ingredients by 'aisle'.

Depending on where you are in the world, you can choose to view recipes by metric or Imperial measurements. Each recipe includes nutritional information per serving for kcals, protein, carbs, fat, saturated fat, fibre, sugar and salt. You can save recipes to Favourites and send to a friend, too.

Visit us at for over 8300 more recipes, all triple-tested by the BBC Good Food cookery team.

Remember to take a look at our other apps, including Quick, Healthy and Festive for iPhone and iPod touch. We also have Healthy, Quick and the BBC Good Food magazine subscription on the iPad. Follow us at!/bbcgoodfood for Good Food app and kitchen news.

This app is produced by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. BBC Worldwide is self-funded and returns profits to the BBC to be reinvested in programmes and services to help keep the UK licence fee as low as possible. For those who wonder why our apps aren’t free, BBC Worldwide has the responsibility of channelling funds back to the BBC, so the BBC can continue to create amazing content.
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