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Read more's directory guide is a powerful tool for planning your visit to a new city. Each directory guide comes with a well researched and detailed list of related attractions; such as museums, night clubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. The powerful built-in navigation features provide travel directions to each venue. You can also browse the venue's official website or give them a call directly from your iPhone.

The venues included in this app are:

* Beehive inn
* The White Hart Inn
* The Last Drop
* Biddy Mulligans
* Greyfriars Bobby Bar
* Frankenstein Pub
* The Bow Bar
* Finnegan's Wake
* Ensign Ewart
* Jolly Judge
* Deacon Brodies Tavern
* Filling Station
* The Royal Mcgregor
* The Jinglin' Geordie
* The Halfway House
* The Scotsman Lounge
* Nicol Edwards
* The Tron
* The Mitre
* The Royal Mile
* Whiski
* The World's End
* The Tass
* The White Horse Bar
* The Canons' Gait
* Tolbooth Tavern
* Jenny Ha's

Hardware requirements: This app works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Due to hardware limitations, some functions of the app are not supported on the iPod Touch and the iPad wifi-only models.
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