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RAF Salute Special Magazine Volume 2

A Tribute to a World Class Air Force

Royal Air Force Salute Volume 2 is a 100-page tribute to the incredible heritage of the RAF. Produced by Key Publishing's industry-respected team with features from renowned aviation writers and researchers, it presents a unique blending of the history of the RAF and its present-day capabilities and assets.

Features include:

•Some of ‘The Few’ - Battle of Britain pilots came from all walks of life and across the globe. Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork selects seven to prove the point
•Camm’s Warhorse – The first and last of the legendary Hawker Hurricanes
•Cockpits compared – Two state-of-the-art fighters, Eurofighter Typhoon and Royal Aicraft Factory SE.5 – 92 years apart
•Heading for a Century – Two Tornado GR4 units recently celebrated their 95th birthdays and both are playing a major role in ISAF operations in Afghanistan
•Taking to The Silk – No.1 Parachute regiment might not be a household name, but it provides the only ‘real’ flying in the RAF
•Systematic - The origin of unmanned aircraft with the RAF and today's complex remote systems

And much, much more!
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