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How good is your memory? Find out for free in Assumption, the simple but challenging game which tests your memory power, analytical ability, and work efficiency all at the same time.

• Memorize a word and find its corresponding object, a memory-building model which does not rely on boring rote memorization and helps enhance memory performance in real-word situations.
• Complete game available for free, including multiple levels, background music, and beautiful graphics which keep you focused so you quickly improve your memory.
• Online competition using Achievements and Leaderboard to motivate you to try more challenging levels which provide more mental exercise.

How It Works
You choose how many words to remember and the game chooses that many objects and shows you their words. For example: flower vase, table, and chair. The game designs a virtual room around those objects and starts a timer.

You have to find all of the objects as fast as you can to get the highest possible score in Assumption. Choosing a wrong object costs you points, as does asking the program for a hint.

How To Grow Smarter
Both children and adults can improve their memory playing Assumption. Children will see the biggest improvement as their more adaptable brains quickly learn the benefit of better memory.

Adults can also improve their memory, and seniors who regularly play Assumption can help prevent age-related memory loss.
But memory isn’t the only skill Assumption improves. To get the highest possible score, you also need to work fast, which requires analytical ability. Analytical ability will help you make the most out of real-world situations such as writing and programming.

Make Your Points Count
Make improving your memory and analytical ability more fun by challenging your friends to play Assumption too. The better you do at each level, the higher you will rank on Assumption’s leaderboard, giving you a bona fide credential you can use to prove how good your memory is to your friends.

You can also share your score on Facebook with a single tap from within Assumption, encouraging your friends to try and beat you.
And, as you explore Assumption, you’ll earn more and more Achievements as proof that you’re working hard to improve your memory and increase your analytical ability.

Get It All For FREE
Best of all, you don’t need to pay anything to use Assumption to improve your memory. It’s available as a free instant download from the Apple Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Don’t wait—you don’t want to forget about Assumption.

Game Play:
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