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Airliner Classics Volume 1 Special Magazine - Celebrating the History of Commercial Aviation

Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher.

The first edition of Airliner Classics, written by the industry-renowned Airliner World magazine editorial team, turns the clock back to bring the classic years of commercial flying back to life. From the Airbus A300 and Bristol Brabazon to vintage airlines such as Ansett Australia, Airliner Classics Volume 1 is a 100-page tribute to the golden years of aviation.

Features include:
•British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) – Formed 60 years ago and one of the forerunners of British Airways
•News from the period – notable aviation events from the 1940s-1970s
•Airbus A300 – The first of the European planemaker’s dynasty
•KLM – Dutch national carrier celebrated its 90th anniversary in October 2009
•Ansett Australia – The story of Australia’s second largest airline
•Bristol Brabazon – The first ‘Jumbo’. Ahead of its time or white elephant?
•Birmingham Airport – The UK Midlands hub passes 70 years of operations
•Fokker Factory – The delivery apron at Schiphol in 1970
•Sir Freddie Laker – Airline entrepreneur and pioneer of low-cost transatlantic travel with Skytrain
•Lockheed Constellation – A distinctive tri-tailed propliner with worldwide sales success

And much, much more!
Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
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