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The ultimate travel guide for food lovers!

MyCityCuisine is a traveler's guide to the local cuisine of foreign cities around the world. For each city, MyCityCuisine presents a list of dishes that are traditional and representative of the local cuisine and a list of restaurants where you can taste the dishes. With the MyCityCuisine app, the next time you visit a new city, you will know exactly what local dishes to try and where to find them in order to satisfy your culinary curiosity.

This iPhone application is a mobile companion of the web-based, a Wiki project. The local cuisine content is provided by contributors from around the world.

The highlights and main features of this application include:

* Over 100 cities are included in the current version, with more cities added every week.
* Each dish includes a description that lists the main ingredients and the cooking method used to prepare the dish, as well as colorful photos of the dish.
* Dishes are organized into several easy-to-navigate categories.
* User can vote for their favorite dish(es) and submit comments about dish(es).
* User can search for restaurants that offer a certain dish.
* User can look up what dishes are offered by a specific restaurant.
* An off-line city map is included for each city guide to help the user navigate to the restaurant of choice.
* User can create a personal culinary tour selecting multiple restaurants.

Once the dish catalog is downloaded, the app works offline, so no Internet or 3G Connection is required, and there is no need to pay costly roaming charges when traveling to foreign cities. The app works with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
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