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Microsoft Flight Simulator Special Magazine Volume 1 - The Essential Guide

Brought to you by Key Publishing Ltd, Europe’s Leading Aviation Publisher.

This 100-page PC Pilot magazine special issue features a collection of tutorials, articles and features to create the definitive and ‘must-have’ guide to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. So, whether you’re new to this hobby or a seasoned flight sim veteran, this high-quality volume is essential reading for all users.

Features Include:

•An introduction to Flight Simulator
•How to set-up your system for Flight Simulator
•Finding your way around Flight Simulator X and FS2004
•Realism settings in Flight Simulator
•All you ever wanted to know about Flight Simulator’s weather generation and settings
•Understanding software and hardware settings
•Optimizing Flight Simulator
•Setting up Flight Simulator to suit your needs
•All about Flight Simulator Add-ons
•Discussions on Flight planning
•Getting to grips with the flying lessons
•A look at the files that make Flight Simulator run
•Creating screenshots and recording videos
•Complete buyers guide to finding the ideal PC for Microsoft Flight Simulator and the most powerful graphics cards to make your flights run smoothly

And much, much more!
How it works!
Simply download the app and receive the special magazine completely free. Don’t forget to register for your Pocketmags account. This will protect your purchase in the event of a damaged or lost device. It will also allow you to view your purchase on multiple platforms.

Please note: This digital version does not include access to the CD ROM files received with the print edition.

Published by Key Publishing Ltd. The entire contents of this title is © copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
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June 28 2011