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App for kids ages 4 to 8 in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese!

★★★★★ "I bought this only for three days and now it's already the favorite app of my little girl. She just loves it. Nicely desighed just like others from Chocolapps." tres sh
★★★★★ "The kids loved it, well done!" Great game!
★★★★★ "I highly recommend Mr Mouse to parents of young children. Learning a language is easiest when you are young, so help your kids get a head-start by learning a few of the basic words in multiple languages." --

---- ABOUT MR MOUSE ----

Mr Mouse is a little sleepwalking mouse. At night, while asleep, he walks on a path that’s full of holes. Careful, he might fall in! The aim of the game is to help Mr Mouse, in the small hours of the morning, get to the end of his dream without waking him up.

While he sleeps, Mr Mouse dreams about lots of things: the lovely sun that greets him in the morning, a pretty flower that he picked in a field the day before and the yummy chocolate that he loves to share with his cuddly buddy, the cat. An image from his dream appears on-screen and the child then spells out the word for the displayed image by placing the letters in the correct spots –filling in the holes that Mr Mouse would otherwise have fallen into!

★★ A game in 6 languages: Mr Mouse can be played in English, as well as in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. At any time, the player can listen to a translation of the word being played, in 5 other languages.

★★ Educational objectives:
1. To learn to spell words in the player’s native language
2. To learn vocabulary in their native language
3. Initiation to foreign languages

Children will enjoy progressing and learning alongside Mr Mouse, the wise dreamer, throughout all 3 theme-based learning levels:

Level 1 – 4 to 5 years: the entire word is displayed, the letters transparent. The child recognizes the letters and puts them in the right spaces.

Level 2 – 6 to 7 years: only the first and last letters of the word are transparently displayed. There are extra letters to choose from, including some that don’t belong.

Level 3 – 7 to 8 years: no letters are displayed and there are even more unused letters to choose from.

The introduction to foreign languages is appropriate for children of all ages.

★★ Characteristics:
A real game, which stimulates the learning process for children, with the likeable Dr Mouse.
6 languages in a single application: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Fun themes: first words, fruit and vegetables, animals...
25 words per theme in 6 languages.
The option to complete the app with additional themes, as the animals theme, to enrich the child’s vocabulary and perfect their spelling.

★ Mr Mouse is a must-have learning application with a real gameplay in 6 languages ★

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