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"Worthwhile will truly turn your Twitter feeds into an RSS like tool that is not curated by you, but curated by people that you choose to curate it for you — this is an interesting concept. I rather like that idea." -- The Brooks Review

Worthwhile is a universal app that seeks to transform your Twitter timeline and Lists into a focused collection of articles recommended to you by the people you trust. It's Twitter, filtered to include just the worthwhile articles.

Worthwhile is tightly integrated with Instapaper, including some special treats for subscribers. The app allows you to trivially sort through your twitter feed and send all the best stuff right over to your Read Later lis twith a single click.

Worthwhile's support for Twitter's Lists finally makes them useful. Now you can follow all those noisy, loud people who recommend the best articles, without clogging up your main timeline, but never miss an article.

Plus, you can easily switch to your favorite twitter apps directly from the articles list.

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