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For the millions of social casual gamers who are addicted to the free games on Facebook and needs to play popular Facebook games such as Zynga's Cityville, Farmville, Frontierville, Empires & Allies, Millionaire City, Pet Society, CastleVille, ChefVille, Bubble Island and the thousands of Flash games on Facebook on the iPad, you can now play these games through our remote play cloud browse technology. With this app, you no longer have to wait for the developers of these games to come out with the app version for their Facebook games. You can also play these games using touch vs mouse and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

You get access to playing the thousands of free Facebook Flash games through remote cloud computers. There is no need to set up your own computer through some remote desktop and no configuration is needed. Works by connecting to servers in the cloud.

- Facebook® and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.
- Appsverse,Inc. and the app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook, Zynga or any of the developers that produces these free games on Facebook.


1) Please note that game play depends on your location. It may be laggy or frames rate can be choppy if you are in a geographic region where it is far from our servers in the US that may influence latency. This version however is a major technology update that should improves the experience for users that may have a lower bandwidth.

2) Game play may be slow if you are playing in a low bandwidth environment such as over 3G even though this version is a significant improvement and uses much less bandwidth than previous version. However, we still recommend you use our app over Wi-Fi in the US or a country with good Internet links and connectivity to our servers in the US. Make sure your Wifi is over a good broadband connection as well that is over 1Mbps at least. Just because you have Wifi does not mean you have high bandwidth. The bottleneck is the network in which your Wifi sits on. So, determine that your network is a high bandwidth broadband connection.

3) Although this version makes significant improvement to latency issues, non-US customers should be aware that depending on your geographic location, you are likely to experience more latency which affects game play. DO NOT BUY if you believe your connectivity is slow to the US.

4) Supports 3 modes. Touch mode allows you to scroll around and touch on games just like a mouse click. You can also hold for more than 1 second and then drag around game maps or use our drag mode feature. Pointer mode turns your iPad into a giant mouse trackpad and you can move your mouse pointer around by dragging on the screen and simulating a click by touching the screen. Drag mode allows you to drag around maps in games like Cityville and Farmville.

5) If you experience a blank or gray screen for some time, it could be that you are having problems connecting to our servers which could be due to either a problem with your network speed, setting or firewall or access to our servers at that time. You should quit the app and try again.

- Facebook® and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.
- Appsverse and the app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook, Zynga or any of the developers of the games on Facebook.
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