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Cubilus challenges you to find the shortest path from your starting location to the goal, but it’s more than just a common maze game. Along the way, you have to move obstacles out of your way.

Not only is this game addictive, but it also challenges your analytical ability and spacial reasoning skills, making you more capable at solving real-word puzzles. (Like how to pack a small suitcase with all the stuff you need to bring on a trip.)

As you continue playing Cubilus, you’ll also need to use your memory to replay levels you’ve completed before. This two-dimensional non-rote memorization can help expand your memory capability so you can remember other things easier and recall things you otherwise may have forgotten.

Checkout the game play:

Key Features:
• 40 level puzzle game redesigned specifically for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
• Optional background music to keep you engaged and sound effects to provide immediate feedback.
• Achievements and Leaderboard to bring out your competitive side and help you keep working on challenging levels—the levels which are most likely to help improve your abilities.

Beat The Competition
Can you find the shortest path from start to finish? If you can, Cubilus will put you on its leaderboard for that level. Then you can challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter directly from Cubilus and see if they can beat your score.

Together, you and your friends will each be working to improve your reasoning and memory skills, while also having a lot of fun trying to get to the incredibly-challenging level 40—a level which will require every bit of your mental abilities.

Great For All Ages
Children will instantly grasp how to play Cubilus, and it will keep them busy building essential skills for hours. Adults, especially seniors, can use the game to help keep their mental skills razor sharp.

And, best of all, Cubilus lets children and seniors from the same family have fun working together or competitively to find the shortest path from start to finish while enhancing everyones’ mental abilities.
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